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strawberry planter planting suggestions

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Nicole19-Apr-02 10:56 AM EST 3   
Osborne19-Apr-02 11:26 AM EST   
alnoro20-Apr-02 12:04 AM EST 8   
N.G.22-Apr-02 12:01 AM EST 3   

Subject: strawberry planter planting suggestions
From: Nicole
Zone: 3
Date: 19-Apr-02 10:56 AM EST

I bought a fat round hole strawberry planter and I am looking for some attrative suggestions as to what I should plant in the four holes and in the top and about how many plants. It has a 8" top and 3" holes. PLease bring on the suggestions!!:) It will be in a sunny spot but not stiffling hot and I don't want to take wawy from the pot too much. Thank You!!

Subject: RE: strawberry planter planting suggestions
From: Osborne
Date: 19-Apr-02 11:26 AM EST

Nicole, The beauty of containers is that you can experiment and try something different every year a lot more easily than with normal, in the ground, gardening. I had fun with my strawberry pot one year, planting an assortment of hens & chicks, stonecrops, burrows-tails, portulaca and other drought-resistant/succulents . . . a sort of desert theme. Some of these trailed, others did not, so that the pot was selectively exposed.

Subject: RE: strawberry planter planting suggestions
From: alnoro (
Zone: 8
Date: 20-Apr-02 12:04 AM EST

why don't you try some herbs or some salad greens a little parsley chive a leaf lettuce etc you could maybe put a patio tomatoe in the top hole.

Subject: RE: strawberry planter planting suggestions
From: N.G. (
Zone: 3
Date: 22-Apr-02 12:01 AM EST


Osborne & alnoro's suggestions are good. It's your container and needs to please only you. Why not mix herbs, Tom Thumb tomatoes with a few flowers?

Most important that you choose plants that are sun-loving and do NOT use soil from the ground (it goes rock hard)...use a light, fluffy soil-less mix and fertilize weekly.

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