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Dress up your Home with Festive Live Plants
by Stacey Pierson
December 13, 2009

From harvest festivals to tailgate football parties, the colorful fall season is in full swing. Crisp air and cooler nights signal the holidays are right around the corner!

If you’re looking for ways to add a festive and unique touch to your home, think live plants. Rather than rummaging through basements and attics for holiday decorations or buying yet another centerpiece, plants add long-lasting year-round style and cheer to any home.

“Live plants are a perfect way to add instant holiday style to any home plus they’re affordable and eco-friendly,” says Justin W. Hancock, editor of Better Homes & Gardens online (

These “green heroes” also provide oxygen and clean the indoor air as they provide holiday warmth and year-round pleasure!

Here are some tips from the plant pros at Costa Farms to add live plants for holiday charm:

  • Enhance your home’s proportions and style

    Whether you live in a traditional stately home or small apartment, live plants add dimension and texture to any space. Long-lasting, indoor plants like the affordable Norfolk Island Pine, fit any lifestyle and décor.

    “Decorating with live plants like the Norfolk Island Pine is a home trend, “says Hancock. “Miniature evergreens work in a container on the mantle, as a centerpiece in the middle of the table or decorated in the kid’s room for fun.”

    Small enough for a table-top display or large enough to be a dramatic focal point of any room, they tuck nicely into tight spaces in apartments, dorm rooms, patios or cozy corners. From 14 to 44 inches tall, the Norfolk Island Pines come fully decorated, or ready for your creative touch with mini lights and home-made ornaments.
  • Instantly change the atmosphere of any room

    Think of the impact you want to make in your living room, family, or dining room. Color and the shape of the plants, arranged in simple containers or elaborate planters, can grab attention as a focal point, or be an understated accent for larger pieces.

    “Mini moth orchids are a great choice for people looking for a dramatic centerpiece for their dining room table,” says Hancock.” Their exotic shape and stunning colors enhance any size room.”

    Mini-orchids are readily available, require easy-care, are affordable, and provide months of blooms with little to no effort.

    These beauties come in a wide range of colors in both 3-inch and 6-inch pots. Use as a standalone or group them under a seasonal table runner for a striking centerpiece. Add a sprig of greens and voila´-- you have instant high impact with a low price tag.
  • Select plant-friendly locations

    Ever pass by a display of holiday plants and linger over the Christmas cactus? This tropical plant has flattened leaf-like structures with tips of ruffled flowers that range in color from reds and fuchsia, oranges and creams.

    “Christmas cactus is a houseplant that looks great during the holidays and will provide years of pleasure,” adds Hancock. “Give it attention and the right location and you can enjoy blooms several times throughout the year.”

    Group them in a decorative container and add sprigs of greenery for an instant ornamental display. Place them on your kitchen countertops or windowsills for a cheery touch throughout the holidays and year-round.
  • Use color for greater design impact

    Do you have a space you want to accentuate, or fill a hollow area that is bare and boring? Poinsettias can add a punch of vivid red, white and pink living color for your holidays.

    They love bright locations and can liven up any room or space that needs a joyful color accent. And they make a perfect gift!

    “Poinsettias, like gingerbread houses, symbolize the holiday season,” says Hancock. “Their bright colors and graceful beauty captures the essence of the holidays.”

    This seasonal must-have likes humidity but don’t over-water. Display them in mono-color groupings for a bold statement or mix them up like living art.

With these simple tips you can enjoy the fall knowing it’s easy to spruce up your home with festive live plants and share the holiday spirit with friends and family. For more information on these holiday plants or to find a retailer near you, visit .

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