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As I read through my FB page I see a lot of friends harvesting and preserving. I remember doing that as well but since moving to Panama I have not had a garden and I have to admit I miss a few things...pickled beets, Taber corn, my own vine ripened tomatoes just to mention a few. I have gotten used to it but it is nice to see my FB friends sharing what they are doing.

It is our green season now until the end of the year. I do love walking when the grass is lush and green. Still thousands of birds around our area. We have had quite the year for birds...thankful we live next to a small river where they are constantly in the air and in the water to enjoy.

I have been home since our cruise to Tahiti and will enjoy this quiet time until I leave on my Spain tour mid October. Totally looking forward to that tour, I love Spain and sharing it with other garden lovers is always such fun.

For 2020 my planned tours are to Taiwan in April, Chelsea Flower Show in May and Portugal in October. I am also working on a tour to Greece for 2021 which will be incredible and South Africa again!

I hope you are following me on facebook so you can see what I am up to here in Panama and on my travels.

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