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Plant a Row - Grow A Row
June 15, 2011

Plant a Row Grow a Row

Susan has sent us in lots of cool information and updates on what PAR is up to…enjoy!

These are our veggie garden that we've planted beside & behind our office for Plant a Row - Grow a Row.

Our Junior Gardeners in Utopia...

... we are building a community garden beside our hall ... one of the Saturday morning activities is gardening with the children of our hamlet ...
these are some photos of our basil planting fun --- to support Plant a Row - Grow a Row JUNIOR as well as our gristmill restoration efforts.

... there was a fundraiser last week for the Toronto Trees & Parks Foundation .... featured a performance by Ron Sexsmith .... note the "Garden Fascinator" on the lady in the second photo with Denis Flanagan of Landscape Ontario (left) and Mark Cullen (right).

 Relish Yo' Mama "Preserve to Conserve" Workshop Series initiative

... through our Relish Yo' Mama initiative, we are going to be undertaking fruit & veggie conservation initiatives .... This photo is our "making chive flower vinegar" ...


... here's photos of our first of a series of canning & preserving events which will be held in Toronto this year, leading up to Soupalicious (Oct 1& 2; Heritage Court, Exhibition Place).

VERY FUN ... and helping us to make Plant a Row - Grow a Row sustainable.




Hi ... there's a small band of us in Utopia who are working on the development of a farmers' market .... we started off with fresh baked bread, have started to learn the ins-&-outs of pie-making, collect scrap metal ...
and have now earned enough and have had the great support of a local farmer to become the proud owner of 20 chickens.... now known as the Happy Hens of Utopia .....

We are going to get that gristmill restored one way or the other ....





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