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Plant a Row - Grow a Row
October 15, 2010

Plant a Row Grow a Row

In addition to all the many other thanks associated with this season, We also wanted to thank you for voting for Utopia's submission to the Aviva Community Fund competition.

Right now, we are in 14th spot in our category ... the top 10 projects will be able to get to the next round as of the end of this voting session, October 15th. We do have 2 more opportunities to go through a voting period ... but quite honestly, it would really be nice to get into the next round right away.

We are very, very close to making this happen. But it is not a given. We need each & every one of the votes that are out there for us.

Statistically speaking, we should be in 3rd place in our category.

An amazing 304 people have registered and have voted at least once for the restoration of Bell's Gristmill!

I know that it is a challenge to vote every day .... but that's what needs to happen. And if you can't manage the daily voting routine but have registered, just let us know and we'll be happy to help support your intent and belief in our restoration project.

In case you have yet to see, at the bottom of this email are the unsolicited comments that have been posted on our page in the competition. These comments alone should be giving everyone a boost to vote, knowing that there are lots of folks who believe in our little corner of the world and the precious building that is waiting to be restored.

Thanks for all your help. Please ask your friends, your neighbours, your family, your business partners and suppliers and all points in between to help us.

The link to the voting =

Thanks so much.

Susan Antler
Chair, Friends of the Utopia Gristmill & Park
877 499 4255

Thanks for voting!


Comments posted on our page of the Aviva Competition:

It would be a shame to lose the opportunity to restore this beautiful site to its original historic beauty. It would be wonderful to continue to share this place with the public and perhaps even to provide some employment to the citizens of our hamlet.


This is such a worthwhile project !!! My grandson would be the 4th generation of my family to know the beauty of this special place. The past does indeed connect us to the present and the future. I would like to think my grandson may enjoy this place of history, beauty and peace.
Perhaps even his children !!!!


The gristmill is a beautiful peace of heritage in our beautiful community. There is so much history on this property. It is a shame so many of our great historians have passed on but some of their memories and dreams have been recorded. Some of their children and grandchildren are involved trying to make the restoration a reality. The community may be small in numbers but we all have large hearts to make this passion a reality!


love the grist mill and surrounding area great place to take the children to learn our history


great Idea! would be terrible to lose the history. Our children need to know what was here and how their community came into being.


This is fantastic project. Here in Brantford we have a grist mill from an early part of our history. It is a great place to visit and see a part of our past. Good luck.


This project is a gem for our township. It can lead the way to show our politicians that our history and our beautiful natural environment offer a heritage, and economic advantage, while at the same time maintaining a beautiful space held in trust for all of our citizens, young and old.

For the first round of voting in the Aviva funding competition, Utopia's Bell's Gristmill did really fine. We didn't make the cut (yet) ... but ended up in 16th position in a total of 310 entries in our category. The top 10 have made it into the second round.

We have 2 more chances to still make the cut. There is no doubt that we can be much stronger this time around.

The voting starts October 25th ... and then there is 10 days of voting joy.

Statistically --- we had 428 folks who registered and voted at least once for Bell's Gristmill. If each of those registrations had voted every day (tough, I know) ... we would have hit an overall voting of 4,280 ... far surpassing the #1 entry this time around.

The competition is only going to get tougher. There are great, great proposals from across the country, each of which will have supporters and connections to more & more emails.

So .... in the week ahead, we would love you to rest up and at the same time, collect more emails/folks who are willing to lend us their support.

Of importance is to get folks registered... and to welcome them to "our family of supporters".

Thanks for including this voting in your routine --- I bet that you are going to be "lost" with all the time now on your hands in the next week as you await our next round.

Susan Antler
Chair, Friends of the Utopia Gristmill & Park
877 499 4255

PS Here's the link to "our" page in the competition:

Registering to vote can be found here:



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