Rose Naomi Pickell – Bio
March 18, 2001

I live on a 1-acre lot in the country. To say the least it is a gorgeous place to live. My dear husband and I have sweated many long hours per day to loving create what we refer to as ‘our oasis’. This delightful work had much to do with my pursuit in the field of a complementary science, namely, Horticultural Therapy. Having been injured at work in November 1999, I believed that I would have to give up on my most favoured pastime, gardening. Not so, in fact due to the disability which I now have, I decided (after some real soul-searching) that I needed to continue gardening, but from a different angle. That’s where Horticultural Therapy comes in. Plants, people and nature just belong together and the healing aspects of working with plants are innumerable! I could go on and on, but let me tell you a bit more about myself, if you will.
I am a Christian since age 12 and I gather strength from my relationship with God allowing me to get on and get up when I wish I could sometimes quit. I have been blessed with many talents – singer, songwriter, teacher, artist are a few of the ones I possess. I have penned over 50 God-given songs to date. Sometimes I can hardly keep up to the dictation, they come so fast! Life is exciting and I am glad I chose Jesus!
Some of my other passions are my friend/husband, our 5 grandchildren, our 4 children, studying botany and sociology. As you have probably already ascertained, I am never bored, just sometimes tired!
Currently I am researching Loneliness and How Horticultural Therapy Provides Healing From This Very Strong Emotion. If you care to offer your comments you may do by visiting my site at and leaving a message in our guest book. If you have other comments please leave them as well.



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