Marilynn Currie - Bio
by Marilynn Ruth Currie


January 13, 2001

1pt.gif (86 bytes)Writing, research and reading have always been my passion. After a thirty year career as a teacher-librarian , my avocation of design and gardening came together with a second career as a columnist for a local paper. Three years later I write a column for two magazines , teach a renovation short course at a local university and act as a consultant for local folk. Reproduction furniture and landscape follies are on my 'to do' list. I focus on these three broad topics when I write :Trends in interior and landscape design: fabrics, colour, style etc industry faces to watch , and lists of the best new home products and landscape /nursery products and where to buy. I thoroughly research my columns .
1pt.gif (86 bytes)I always look for excellence and leading trends so my readers will be on the cutting edge.
1pt.gif (86 bytes)I think that storytelling in the article itself and the illustration /photography be it the layout or the subject is terribly important to the reader----especially in today's society where visual images are everywhere. I want the columns to be so fascinating that the guy in the green pick up truck stopped at a red light will pull over to one side to read it. Perhaps it's the landscaper who needs the information/research quickly
and succinctly written to keep ahead of the pack.

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