Elizabeth Heard Bio
November 28, 2000

ElizabethPictureTwo.jpg (2513 bytes)Growing up on a farm in the south-west of England Elizabeth soon developed a love of gardens and flowers. Loving the actual work of gardening came a little later.
After getting married she and her husband were for many years occupied with breeding and showing pedigree Guernsey cattle . Raising two sons while also studying psychology and counselling from home the farm garden was fitted in around the edges.However the love of garden design wouldn't go away.
As a member of Cornwall County Council for the last 15 years she has had only limited time at home.Past chair of Adult Services,chair of County Farms and Agriculture and Vice-chairof Social services committees made gardening even more precious as a relaxation when at home
Having a little more time during the past year Elizabeth has developed a web site( on Sensory Gardens and is particularly keen on sensory gardens for the elderly, which can be used for Reminiscence Therapy and also in the development of specialised gardens for individuals and groups with disabilities. She has recently designed a new sensory garden in Callington Cornwall.
About 5 years ago they moved out of the farmhouse, built a new house just across the lane and started to create a new garden to Elizabeth's (constantly amended) design.It is still developing. Some parts are formal, particularly near the house, but mainly they are woodland and wild flower areas, working with nature rather than against it.
Different parts of the garden include a 'round the year' wild flower meadow/orchard, raised rock beds filled with alpines,a woodland area underplanted with flowering shrubs, a new young wood and the development of a stretch of closed railway line as a wildlife reserve and wild garden.

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