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First serious garden earned 25 cents from the Kemptville Horticultural Society when I was 12. Have been poor in horticulture ever since but rich in spirit.

Went to work writing the Good Earth column (over 500 articles published in newspaper, magazine, website and journal.) and learned that what was printed wasn't what I wanted to say and certainly not what Gentle Reader understood me to say. Subsequently have developed a certain clarity and economy of words.

Day job- nursery and production manager for a large nursery/garden centre
Side job- Garden restoration and renovations, design consultations, remedial pruning.
Night job- garden writer and communicator (overnight success in another 20 years)

Dan gardens in Canadian Zone 5b

March 24, 2005

Grew up on a farm. Had my first official garden when I was 12-entered the Kemptville Horticultural Society contest.

Won a quarter! Knew I was going to be a farmer, happy but poor. (Nine years later married the daughter of the gentleman who awarded the fabulous sum- 30 years gone by and I am still collecting interest on that investment)

We have 2 daughters- one tearing up high school on the social justice committee and one tearing up England on a university scholarship.

Energy crisis- the first one- knocked me out of farming just as I graduated from the University of Guelph, OAC, Agriculture. Went and did other stuff like soldiering and social services before returning to the land - which was covered by a commercial apple orchard. Liked it a lot but I was still poor. Back to Guelph for horticulture. Graduated and went to work at a large nursery/garden centre. Still there, still poor. But happy. Got a nice long job title though: Production and Nursery Manager

In between times restored and renovated gardens with Dan Clost's Greenscapes.

Began professional writing (means they paid me) on May 11, 1998. And if you’re wondering how much that was, I proudly pronounce "half again as much as they paid Roy Bonisteel" when his column appeared in that same paper.

Gardening Philosophy: I believe that we must walk softly and intelligently upon this good earth.

Hobbies include squash (full contact- no lets, please), folk music, and gardening (do you believe that?)

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