Gill Jackson Bio
November 12, 2000

The first photo is of my garden here in Russell, Bay of Islands, New Zealand. Viburnum Snowball Tree with forget-me-knots and foxgloves. The stakes poking up are what I use for feeding the birds - they have nails on the top and I put my old apples, pears, bananas on the spikes and the birds love it. Totally organic garden - use mulch mulch and more mulch, seaweed, comfrey and encourage the hedgehogs into eat the slugs and snails.
These two pictures show what can change in 7 years!  First is the garden just as we had finished building the house and looking bare, and second 7 years later after a lot of pleasurable hard work!!!!


GJFoxgloves.jpg (32667 bytes) GJFrontyard7yrsago.jpg (20814 bytes) GJFrontyard2000.jpg (52300 bytes)

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