Susan Apple Bio
November 12, 2000

susanapple.jpg (5923 bytes)Susan Apple is a freelance writer living in Seattle, Washington with her husband, 2 daughters, ages 16 and 22, 4 cats and two dogs.
Originally grown (from seed) in Montreal, Canada, Susan grew up surrounded by her passions-- music, laughter and family. After high school, she went on to enjoy a career as a professional singer which took her throughout the United States and to finally settle in Las Vegas, Nevada where she set down "roots" with her husband, Eric, a drumme,r who shared her musical passions.. Ten years and two daughters later, they all moved to Seattle, Washington where Susan was to discover another untapped passion ...
Now she lives in the middle of suburbia but has transformed her standard backyard into an English country garden, complete with twisting and turning paths that all lead to inviting places to sit and relax.
A "wild" gardener by nature, Susan prefers to just "let things happen" and "pretty much stay out of nature's way", a fact which never fails to keep her gardening interest peaked.
Susan's weekly gardening column, "Down to Earth ... the lighter side of Gardening" was a regular feature for two years with THE MIRROR in the Seattle area.

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