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Canada Blooms and Toronto Flower Show
by Canada Blooms
September 13, 2017

The Toronto Flower Show schedule will be available in the next few weeks, so you might want to consider entering in the many open classes available. If you are thinking about a horticultural entry, we have a helpful checklist of things to contemplate in order to achieving a winning entry.

Consider the following:

Form - the species' or cultivars' normal form or ideal shape. It must be true to the type of flower or plant and should be at its normal shape at the peak of maturity. If multiple blooms have been called for, they should all be as close as possible to the same stage of maturity.

Colour - the natural colour for the plant's type. Judges are looking for perfection in purity, clarity and brilliance. Plants should not be dull, flat, fading or browning.

Size - that which closely resembles the variety or type being judged. Size is judged along with proportion and scale. For example, miniature roses should show daintiness.

Stem and Foliage - the stem is a major supporting plant structure and must be in proportion to the flowers, bud and leaves of its variety and species; it must carry the bloom with strength and stiffness and must not show weakness or immaturity. Foliage must be attached and not damaged or discoloured, and free of pests/disease.

Stage of Development - all exhibits should be at their peak of maturity. Uniformity - specimens in an entry of a given cultivar should be as uniform as possible in size, form, colour and stage of development. Substance - an entry must look fresh and turgid, demonstrating lasting quality.

Grooming and Condition - pots should be clean, the earth loosened and fresh looking; all damaged, dead or off-colour leaves and flowers should be removed. The entry must be free of dirt, debris, pollen and nay other foreign material. Flowers and foliage should show evidence of good culture. Foreign Substances - unless it's stated in the schedule, no wiring, oiling, spraying and artificial colouring is allowed in competition.

Spring time is always an exciting time of year, full of possibilities and potential: What flowers to plant in the garden? In what arrangement? And what colours? And, what theme should one choose? The latter is particularly fun, in keeping with the Canada Blooms 2018 theme of “Let’s Go To The Movies”! So, for this festival, Floral Designer Justine De Bouvier, of Fleurishes by JuJu, thought to shake things up a bit and give Hollywood, and the visitors of the Canada Blooms Show, something to remember! Being a floral artist, Justine naturally selected Salvador Dalí's, “Un Chien Andalou”, as her guiding design theme for this show! When there are no limits to the imagination, there will be no limits to the possibilities of floral design! In designing her unexpected and stunning floral arrangements, Justine adheres to the following skeleton of principles, irrespective of whether it is for the garden or a container arrangement:

• Ensure the colours follow a harmonious colour scheme, such as, designing with a complementary colour scheme - that is, colours located directly opposite each other on the colour spectrum, as blue and yellow are

• Provide visual interest by varying the texture of the botanicals selected for the garden or container arrangement - contrasting textures create visual interest

• Play with space by varying the height of the flowers used in the garden or container arrangements - to move and carry the eye around the design

• Incorporate or use unexpected design elements or vessels

• Step back and look at the garden or container arrangement as a whole and, add or subtract anything that affects the overall harmonious flow of the arrangement.

Beyond these basic principles, anything is possible! Drop in to one of Justine’s demos at the show to learn how to apply these principles and elevate your botanical designs to a whole new level. Alternately, stop by our booth (number H349) to see, firsthand, our principles of botanical design. Hope to see you there!

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